8 Top Wanted Apps You'll Need to Survive College

8 Top Wanted Apps You'll Need to Survive College

Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, everyone can benefit. Both education and work seem easier and more accessible today. The article you are going to read is dedicated to the top apps for college students that they can download and use on their favorite devices in order to:

  • Obtain higher grades
  • Improve overall academic performance
  • Manage own time
  • Keep in touch with all upcoming events
  • Gain new skills
  • Enjoy exciting games
Let’s better get to the point - observe these exciting mobile learning resources to study smarter and make your life easier.
  1.  Pocket

This service, which can also be installed as a smartphone app, makes it possible for students to store articles, texts, audios, videos, and other multimedia files to your “pocket.” Later on, every time you need to observe them or share, simply use a special place at your gadget. It’s one of those apps for college students which was designed not only for education.
  • Want to observe particular documents a bit later? You may postpone it with the help of Pocket college tool. Thus, you won’t miss any important files.
  • If you want to memorize important information. You’ll have to re-read it several times later, so it is worth being moved to your pocket.
  • Share the most interesting parts with your peers.

What makes college apps like Pocket stand out is the opportunity to scan the stored data without having an internet access.
  1. Coursera

One of the most downloaded apps by English-speaking students has a powerful design and user-friendly interface, which makes many other similar services copy it. Unlike the previous one dedicated to saving information, the service was designed to teach college students.

You will find a lot of graduate and undergraduate courses to expand your knowledge and skills. The apps like this one offer a variety of tasks on various topics that students can solve on their computers to see how well they are doing in certain subjects.
  • Watch any course or particular lecture online.
  • If you need specific citations or comments from your college teacher, log in and write down things that you’ve missed during the lecture.
  • Use Coursera apps to grab the best examples of academic papers: from essay to the dissertation.
  • Read and study educational materials from the world’s top colleges and universities.
  • Get enrolled in the course which was missing in your school. The apps listed here will help you to pass.
And the winning feature of one of the most commonly used apps is the certificate students receive which serves as a proof of your participants in the particular class. In case you apply for a job or institution, don’t forget to share that diploma. It is really treated seriously.
  1. BenchPrep

You will have to work with various apps in the shape of interactive libraries. It is too expensive to purchase every textbook and other necessary education materials online each time you need some.

In order to quickly find any source they need, students are recommended to set up so-called BenchPrep. It replaces traditional college library in full: an interactive course library offers any book, all academic topics, flashcards, and enough sources to complete your independent university research. You may do your best while solving the proposed exams and tests. It is easy to access all the books you may not find even in your college library or store next door.

Students can enjoy 600 study lessons along with the opportunity to try their skills in LSAT, MCAT, or GMAT. NenchPrep college apps are free, and they are available on iOS and Android devices.
  1. Any.do

Millions of students are already using one of the best apps designed to schedule homework, work, and college activities. Have a list of all our tasks per day, week, or month to check your priorities. With the help of the efficient organizer for college (and not only) students, you will catch up with all assignments. Learn how to make and work with to-do-list. The best thing is that Any.do synchronizes all tasks with other devices. That’s why students can access their lists from any point in the world. Voice can be used to create assignments.
  1. Evernote

Perhaps, out of all apps, college students are the best aware of Evernote, so you should try it. Sync all your files to handle school or university homework of any difficulty:
  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Text documents
This stuff will be moved to the personal online account. You can access it via your mobile, computer, or any other gadget at any moment. The app is useful whenever you need to study really hard to improve your performance. Evernote is also free. Students can run it on their iOS and Android devices.
  1. EssayHelper

Well, it’s actually a website, but college students may use it as one of their favorite apps. Every time you’re in a hurry, grab some professional writing assistance. Just log in and put your writing task requirements. Set the deadlines pay, and watch an excellent, qualified writer work on your homework of any difficulty:
  • Essay
  • Research/term paper
  • Book/movie review
  • Dissertation
  • Personal statement
  • Bibliography
  1.  Scribd

Yeah, everyone has heard of Scribd and similar apps, but let’s recall it once again. Let us introduce the biggest online library which assists in discovering millions of various files that may be critical for your education. Read and explore them without paying a cent. This information is kindly shared by students and professors from the best colleges and universities in the world. College students would definitely enjoy apps like that instead of attending traditional library. What’s more important, such apps help to organize and manage data the way you need it. Students may even come up with their own libraries that will serve both them and their peers. As a result, you will be able to pass this information to your friends.
  1. StudyBlue Flashcards

Students love slides and flashcards as it is easy to perceive any information on a visual level. Scientists say that this is the best approach to remembering information. However, developing flashcard is not that easy. If you want to establish some flashcards on your own, you have to download and use this app which allows inserting text, images, video, and audio content in order to come up with the cool digital flashcards.
Still, the most wanted apps and services are associated with writing essays and research papers. Thus, if you still want to impress your teachers, order an excellent essay for cheap now!