How to Decorate a Bathroom with Towels

How to Decorate a Bathroom with Towels
Table of Contents
  1. How to Decorate a Bathroom with Towels
  2. Hand Towels
  3. Wash Cloth
  4. Bath Towels
  5. Bath Sheets
  6. How To Fold Fancy Towels?
  7. Regular Folding Method
  8. Towel Roll Folding Method
  9. For Small Towels
  10. For Big Towel
  11. Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas
  12. Decorative Towels On Towel Rings
  13. Decorative Towels On Shelves Or Linen Cabinets
  14. Use Ribbons To Decorate Bath Towels Or Bath Sheets
  15. Use Burlap Bow To Store Towel Rolls

What is the most commonly used bathroom item you tend to forget about? This could be the towels. There are many towels utilized in bathrooms to serve different purposes. They could be the most significant obstruction to sprucing up your bathroom. However, if you can design your towels for bathrooms, you will improve the look of your bathroom.

Hand Towels

A hand towel is always smaller and allows you to dry your hands after washing. So, it is typically placed on the towel ring or a small towel bar hung on the wall or close to the basin.

Wash Cloth

It's a towel you wash your body. In general, it is smaller than the face and hand towel. Therefore, you can hang it on the hook.

Bath Towels

The final stage of the entire bathing procedure is drying off. A bath towel can be used for this. A thick, comfortable bath towel can help you dry out quickly. It's a towel that is placed on towel racks, usually in the bathroom.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are larger than a towel you wrap around your body after taking a bath. It's a large, soft towel offering better water absorption. It is hung on the rail for towels or kept in the cabinet for linen.

How To Fold Fancy Towels?

How you fold towels will depend on how and where you place them. It is possible to fold towels into different shapes and hang them on a rack for towels in the closet or on shelves. They'll be gorgeous decorations for your bathroom.

Regular Folding Method

The most commonly used folding method is folding one side over the other. This method suits most towels, including face and hand towels. Shake the towel to remove wrinkles before laying it on a smooth surface. The towels' shape will always be rectangular. You must split the towel into three sections and fold the sides toward the middle. Once you've completed the last step, you can hang it on the towel rack. Then, you can fold the towel into 1/2 of its original width.

Towel Roll Folding Method

For Small Towels

If you own the square towel, you can fold it in half. If you want to use a rectangular towel, you could fold it into 1/3 length. Begin at the shorter end of the towel and then roll it across the other side. Make sure to keep the edges aligned and make sure the roll is tight. And then, you can use towels to embellish your bathroom shelves.

For Big Towel

Fold a corner diagonally in the middle, and then ensure that the broad side covers the longest side. Maintain the shape while folding the towel at half-width. Flip the towel and begin rolling it tightly from the flat to the angular part. After that, you can fold in the angle to ensure it stays in place.

Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

Once you have learned the above ways to fold a towel, you will be able to employ these techniques to arrange your towels. It will keep your bathroom tidy and make it look more attractive by using various towels that fold.

Decorative Towels On Towel Rings

The most simple way to embellish your bathroom would be to install a ring for your towel and hang a hand towel on it. The towel ring can decorate the sink space well. One thing to keep in mind is that you should select the right towel ring for your bathroom style.

Decorative Towels On Shelves Or Linen Cabinets

If you have shelves with open shelving and cabinetry for linen inside your bathroom, you'll have one of the best advantages in designing towels. You can put the bath sheets and towel folded as usual and then place your towels on the shelving. It is possible to place any towel roll on the shelves in the form of a pyramid.

Use Ribbons To Decorate Bath Towels Or Bath Sheets

Put your bath sheet or towel onto your rack and then tie the other side with the ribbon. You can also stack the bath towel on top of the bath sheet and secure them.

Use Burlap Bow To Store Towel Rolls

Another idea is to tie an oversized burlap bow to the towel rack to store two or three towels. It's as simple as securing burlap to the towel rack and then adding decorative items.