16 Differences between High School and College

16 Differences between High School and College

Every freshman should be ready to face real academic and life challenges during the first year in college. College is a bridge between your childhood and adult life. It is dangerous and exciting at the same time. To survive and excel, one has to understand the major differences between high school and college.

Despite the fact that the worlds of school and college couldn’t be further apart, there are a lot of similarities. Let’s say, you just won’t have a chance to relax in college like you used to before. High school is only a preparation stage before your career and adult life. We can compare it to theory while college is more practice part.

Students start spending more time on their studies than on partying. College requires greater responsibility. It offers a greater variety of writing assignments than school. In college, teens will face something more than a simple essay:

  1. Research paper
  2. Term paper
  3. Course work
  4. Dissertation
Of course, you should begin with writing the admissions essay. The application process is the first step every student who wants to study at college should take. Moreover, while you could pass every academic year with low grades at high school, in college, your scores have to be above a certain level to move further. In case you have “F,” you risk staying for the next semester. For Master’s level, it is necessary to receive grades greater than “D,’ so 70% is required to complete any subject.

In college, you will receive more freedom. Students have to act and think like adults. A lot of students use social networks to communicate and share their life events. However acting like an adult also means to take care of your privacy and be careful about the information you share online. As it is known one of the most famous social networks, Facebook, is not taking care about the private information of its users. On the other hand there are a lot of alternatives online. MeWe is very careful with its users data and has a lot of advantages highlighted in MeWe review.

Moreover students will have to learn effective time management to handle all the responsibilities on their way and deal with tasks successfully.

Homework assignments are obligatory in college. You can’t just ignore or miss one. When you study at school, you can compensate your low grades with the perfectly written final exam or some tests. In college, all your participants points, each homework assignment, in-class quiz, and test count. They all add up to your final grade. It is not that difficult to study well and make fun at the same time.

We have collected several comparisons that adolescents might experience while transferring from school to the college lifestyle:
  1. High School: Yu know everyone in your class even though you may communicate only with a few of your mates. 
    College: You’re lucky if you know at least one person studying with you. Besides, the classes change as different people choose different disciplines.
  2. High School: High school textbooks and other study materials usually cost nothing. 
    College: Books here cost a small fortune. 
  3. High School: Students live with their families. 
    College: Be ready to share a room with your new friends.
  4. High School: You have to wake up early in the morning to catch up with the first class. 
    College: You are allowed to wake up whenever your first assigned session begins.
  5. High School: Students must learn all subjects from the curriculum. 
    College: In these walls, you can select the number of subjects and names of the courses you would like to attend depending on your professional field.
  6. High School: The way you spend your hours is predetermined by other people like principals and teachers. 
    College: You receive a full ownership of time management.
  7. High School: Teachers usually use materials like textbooks or notes to read from. 
    College: Professors recall parts of the text from their own textbooks or books written by their colleagues.
  8. High School: You could enjoy the comfort of studying at home before each test or exam. 
    College: Students will hardly find peace in their rooms. Thus, the library becomes the only convenient place to get prepared.
  9. High School: Everyone could easily survive without taking notes or listening too carefully during the classes. 
    College: Students are obligated to take notes and listen attentively in case they don’t wish to fail.
  10. High School: Homework assignments seem too easy for high school students.  
    College: Students are assigned a tremendous amount of work to do after class. That is when the need of professional writing services like this one appears.
  11. High School: Kids attend the place and spend there their whole day. 
    College: Students have a right to plan their own schedule and visit only the classes of their interest.
  12. High School: Everyone can notice a set social hierarchy among students and teachers. 
    College: You have an opportunity to choose your surrounding. It is the best method to avoid conflicts.
  13. High School: Assigned reading to do may release you from writing a homework essay. 
    College: Reading assignments are always present, and they do not replace the writing part.
  14. High School: Every child is obligated to be there on time. 
    College: Only those who want to study attend this institution, so they want to visit every lecture.
  15. High School: All the guys and girls worry about their appearance and what’s in trend. 
    College: There are too many things to do to dedicate too much time to what other think or what’s current fashion.
  16. High School: Your classmates and teachers assign your social role.
    College: You can choose any social role.
We have proved once again that there are too many aspects to consider when comparing and contrasting high school and university. The only thing which remains in common is the fact that all students will need a professional writing help when it comes to numerous homework assignments. Order your personal statement to get into college and pay for custom essays to stay on the wave!