Compare & Contrast Essay Structure and Topics

What is it like to write a compare and contrast essay? Many students find it pretty easy in contrast to complex research and term papers. However, just like any other assignment, this project has its own peculiarities. In any case, students should be aware of all possible academic formats:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • Harvard
  • Oxford
  • Vancouver

You will meet some of them only at corresponding universities. Most of the time, students have to obey APA or Turabian style. An example of good comparison essay can be found among these papers.

The Purpose of Compare and Contrast Essay

When you have to compare two subjects, movies, music tracks, tastes, people, and other topics, there is nothing better than doing it with the help of compare and contrast essay.

The first topics are assigned when you study at school. This assignment seems very easy then as far as the topics are simple, and students just have to write down whatever comes to their minds. The usage of quotations and sources, on the whole, is not obligatory. College demands are much stricter. Students must gain more skills during his high school education to succeed with his tasks in college. Compare and contrast essay becomes more difficult as the range of topics also expands.

What we mean is that it is much more complicated to describe and compare some presidential elections or two wars than focus on the contrast between your two favorite book or movie characters. In the first case, students will have to search for up-to-date, relevant sources that support their topics. In addition, students usually have a right to choose when studying at high school. College dictates its own rules. Professors assign you the topics, so there is no list to choose from. The main goal is to force students to conduct in-depth research and learn more about qualitative/quantitative studies.

Another goal of the compare and contrast essay is to convince your audience in your point of view. You may write your ideas on the battle between Batman and Superman based on the recent motion picture. However, you will need to operate facts from other sources if you want to prove that, let’s say, Superman will win in any case.

High Rates Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

So, we have discovered that compare and contrast essay is all about finding similarities and differences between two topics. The next section of this article is dedicated to the best topics for your comparison essay.

Although such essays can cover any topics in the world, they should involve no less than two discussed subjects and comparison. Compare and contrast essay should also contain some arguments to support the author’s opinion.

  1. American Life vs. European Life: Cultural Differences and Similarities
  2. Living in a Dream or Living in Reality?
  3. How Much Is College Education Different from University?
  4. New Year to Christmas.
  5. Best Friend vs. Worst Enemy
  6. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel: Which Project of Joss Whedon Was More Successful?
  7. What’s in Common Between Snobs and Nerds (If Any?)
  8. World War I and World War II: Contrast the Causes
  9. Poverty against Richness: The Eternal Fight
  10. Black People and White People: Does the Color Really Matter?
  11. School Bullies to Dictators
  12. Compare & Contrast Paper vs. Argumentative Paper
  13. Ancient Time and Modern Days: Comparison
  14. Romeo & Juliet or Beauty and the Beast: Which Love Story Is More Tragic?
  15. Life on Earth and Life on Mars: The Thoughts of Great People
  16. Are College Students More Lucky Than High School Students (in the shape of bullet list)
  17. Traditional books against Cinematography: Are All Books Better Than Motion Pictures Based on Their Plots?
  18. Black & White: A New Approach to Two Colors
  1. Can the Process of Writing an Essay Be Compared to the Visit to Doctor?
  2. Is Political Arena Influenced by the Church and Religion?
  3. Acting to Giving Promises
  4. Hurricanes to Blizzards
  5. Flying or Swimming
  6. Cars or Airplanes: Which Transport Is Safer?
  7. Being Afraid to Being Tired
  8. Using Apple to Using Android
  9. Women Rights Today to the Last Decade
  10. Night Time vs. Day Time
  11. Argumentative Topics and Reflective Topics
  12. Business Issues to Humanitarian Issues in College
  13. Check Similarities and Differences of Traditional Mail and Email
  14. Rock Music and Metal Music
  15. Learning to Ride a Bike to Learning to Drive a Car
  16. "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" to "God Bless America"
  17. Comparing Public and Private Schools
  18. Beauty and Ugliness in My World
  19. Benefits of Working in Office vs. Benefits of Working from Home

That is all you have to know about compare and contrast essay. Be careful when choosing your topics. You can order writing help directly from home. Just go to this website and leave your requirements in the order form. The team deals with all existing assignments and academic papers.