Consider a Career in Computer Science Today!

Consider a Career in Computer Science Today!

Let’s look in the face of reality: those who possess degrees in computer science definitely benefit today. Degrees in nursing and computer science are named among the top perspective today. Thus, if you end up with one of the degrees in the field of computer science, you may sleep assured that a perspective job with speedy career growth and increasing salary is guaranteed. Several colleges and universities from the US were chosen to analyze the current employment situation in the computer field.

These people have shared their expectations and most demanded computer-related jobs of the future. To find out about the most favorable salary range, we picked information and statistics provided by PayScale College Salary Report 2012-13. It was also useful to take a look at the unemployment rates in Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce. The major trend sounds like this: the more challenging and complex the major, the more career opportunities graduates and undergraduates will discover. So, if you’re fond of the following disciplines – choose IT as your major:

  1. High math
  2. Engineering
  3. Physics
  4. Statistics
  5. Computer Science

Now, it’s time to cover each of the most wanted jobs in the field of information technology briefly. We have collected the main factors like salary and short descriptions with useful tech skills to give students the overall picture.
Mind that the outlook and earning potential mentioned for each position were gathered during 2015-2016, so it’s the most recent data. While you are deciding on your field of science, you may try ordering an essay, research paper, or college admissions essay to get higher chances of receiving a major in IT.

Most Wanted Jobs in the Field of Computer Science

Software applications developer


  • Design & customize various app software
  • Change the software which is already in place in order to optimize operational efficiency
  • Fix errors
  • Define software feasibility through evaluating user demands

  • The average wages per year equal to $95,510.


    Computer systems analyst

    Each modern business still depends on the computer science experts. It is difficult to operate huge data sets to solve programming problems at all levels of production without having a specialist by your side. Systems analyst may:

  • Assess data processing issues
  • Enhance the general work of computer systems
  • Develop/examine design processes
  • Allow sharing information among various parties quickly and without any obstacles

  • In other words, you’ll need these guys and corresponding technology to improve company’s internal communications. The mean salary is $83, 410.

    Network systems administrator

    Being a system administrator is a separate science. It’s a complex art which includes:

  • Setting up and supporting company’s network system
  • Testing website functionality
  • Making overall computer-based performance better
  • Performing data back-ups
  • Implementing safe recovery procedures

  • The expert in this area of science usually obtains $75,790 annually.

    Database Administrator

    Information technology consists of large data and programs aimed to use proper information to solve different problems correctly. Only someone with technical education will be able to manage a lot of databases that are usually used by any more or less big firm.

    The computer science degree will enable such specialist to:

  • Examine and manage databases and other related system information
  • Control all modifications and fix mistakes to computer databases
  • Use safety measures to protect private information from the third party

  • The average annual salary of the personal database ‘security’ equals $80,280.

    Business intelligence analyst

    So far, this position requires more than one degree as it combines several careers. Students have to study both business administration and computer science. Even if you earn only one degree in Business Administration, you will have the necessary skills. Just try to make your education ‘golden’ meaning receiving Master’s or Ph.D.

    Your possible duties at this position would be:

  • Forecasting market strategies via conducting competitor’s analysis (SWOT or PEST)
  • Gathering and compiling data from public info, market reports, or paid sources
  • Coming up with trend data to offer an efficient plan of action

  • Some of the duties partially go hand in hand with marketing specialist responsibilities, so these two should cooperate. This computer science specialist may count on $83,410 per year.

    Web developer

    Here comes someone without whom it is impossible to imagine any successful modern business. A web developer is a person with a corresponding degree in computer science who can establish the site of any difficulty as easy as ABC.

    An expert knows different programming languages. It is better to learn more advanced techniques like Python from the very beginning to get more offers.

    Daily duties involve:

  • Writing, designing, plus editing content
  • Determining and fixing problems that were not detected during the testing stage
  • Backing-up all information to reach fast recovery and fix all annoying issues

  • Gain computer science degree to receive $63,490 per year as a web developer.

    Computer programmer

    Now, that is where the number of programming languages you know really matters. It’s a complete science that student will have to master except for the elementary computer commands.
    As you can guess, you will work with code, a variety of programs, and your intelligence. Any HR manager will list the following responsibilities for this position:

  • You should create and examine the code
  • You should make sure the system operates properly
  • You should analyze user demands and propose corresponding software
  • You should create programs to save, place, or get required data

  • Any related area offers $77,550 as an annual revenue.

    Software systems developer

    While writing code with the help of programming language, you may actually develop your own software. Isn’t it amazing? IT is a science of opportunities which is associated with too many services. Try to practice some of your duties at University:

  • Design and make up advanced software or tools to satisfy the needs of different industries (it’s important to understand the potential of your solutions)
  • Force the involved software to remove bugs and raise performance
  • Learn how to define, advise, and plan new system set-ups or changes

  • You may expect the average salary to be $102,880, so that’s our winning career!

    Computer Science Teacher or Professor

    To show you other ways of how the given degree can help students and education systems around the world, we decided to add these jobs to our list. Once you have done with your computer science major, you may go on improving your knowledge by teaching other students. You will have to operate a variety of resources, programs, software, applications, and more to share the best skills. These competent computer specialists earn $61,975 on the average.

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