Education in Saudi Arabia

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Education in Saudi Arabia

For the Western world Saudi Arabia, with its conservative customs and traditions, remains one of the most mysterious countries. While citizens of western countries keep arguing about lifestyle of citizens of the country, nobody will argue with the fact that this country has great education system.

The System of Education is Developing Dramatically

When the country was established in 1932, attending classes in school was a privilege. Only children of rich families that lived in big cities could afford to get educated. Yet, the importance of learning is great, and every Muslim is required to be educated. Thus, the whole system of education of this country has developed greatly, and now this country attracts a lot of students and teachers from abroad. The purpose of the government of the country was to ensure that education was available for everybody in the country. Today we can see that the goal was achieved: there are 25 large public universities and numerous vocational institutions and public colleges across Saudi Arabia. Each year the number of institutions is increasing.

How Is Education Here Organized?

The system of schools of the Kingdom traditionally consists of three major stages. First, children go to kindergartens, which is not obligatory. Then, at the age of 6, they begin to attend primary school. Education in the primary school lasts for 6 years. Intermediate and high school each last for 3 years. High school in the country is optional. Students can continue studying in school and focus on leaning the sciences and arts. Instead of attending high school students can choose to attend a vocational school. Vocational schools offer different programs in religious studies, physical education, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, auto mechanics, electricity, radio and television, etc. It is crucial to mention that women have the same right to get education as men. At the moment almost 1 million people are students of universities and other higher education institutions of the country. Half of them are women. Women in this country are extremely educated. They have a right to choose to study in one of the big universities or attend classes in an all-female college.

Do International Students Study in This Country?

The number of foreign students who come to study in Saudi Arabia is growing significantly each year. It is not surprising at all: the Kingdon's government develops each university, making them advanced and well-equipped. Foreign teachers are also highly motivated to move to Saudi Arabia and teach here due to a variety of grants and scholarships. Why is Saudi Arabia so attractive for international students? To start with, Saudi Arabia has the biggest universities in the region. It is the reason why it welcomes a lot of students from neighbor countries. Yet, it attracts a lot of students from overseas who want to gain new experience and explore a whole new world for them. Why do international students love Saudi universities? Because most of them are free of charge for both residents and non-residents. You should check out whether a university charges a tuition or not anyway (some of them do). Although it is better to know Arabic to be able to talk to people, many courses are taught in English. Saudi universities make education as exciting for foreign students as possible. International students’ guides warn people, though, that the cost of living here is quite. Everybody who wants to move to this country should take the cost of living into account as well. Public transport here is not too developed. So, the most convenient way to travel around the city is taxi. If you decide to drive yourself, you will love to see the gasoline prices. It is also really hard to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia because this country has strict travelling regulations. This procedure is really complicated. To get a visa students have to show that:

  • Their enrollment is confirmed by a nationally recognized university or other institution;
  • They have an original birth certificate;
  • A medical examination paper from a reliable practitioner with details about your health;
  • You have a police record containing information about any criminal record;
  • Your country of residence has granted you a permission to travel.
International students need to remember that they are not permitted to work in Saudi Arabia during the period of their study. In fact, Saudi education is designed in such a way that students should pay their attention only to school and cannot afford to work. Clearly, it goes without saying that all foreign students must abide the rules and regulations of the country and respect its customs and traditions. Of course, it is always challenging to go to a foreign land, especially to the one that completely differs from your home. Yet, students can find it very exciting to go to Saudi Arabia and explore the new aspects of education. Due to the great governmental funding, Saudi universities have advanced research centers. Such centers provide students with a fantastic opportunity to do academic research. Students have access to modern technologies and great libraries. Saudi Arabia offers high-quality education. So, if you would like to study abroad, this fascinating country should be taken into consideration.