What are fillers in anime?

What are fillers in anime?
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  1. What are fillers in anime?
  2. What is a canon?
  3. Naruto Filler List Episodes Guide
  4. Fate/Zero
  5. Fate/Stay Night
  6. One Piece Filler List

The Filler is any content that viewers can't find in the original story, but it is added to the anime, including actual anime scenes and even entire art. Movies are technically Filler, but they get a pass because they're not hiding among the main anime episodes.

No matter how much you hate Filler, you have to admit it exists for a reason. Several reasons. For one, Manga can work under a brutal publication schedule to get their Manga to the masses. But no matter how quickly they work, animators seem to catch up to their source material pretty quickly. On top of that, when anime adapts fight scenes from the Manga, they usually go fast.

A battle that stretches over several chapters of Manga can be condensed into a few minutes or even seconds of animation. In Dragon ball's case, they do the exact opposite, so animators constantly try to balance Manga.

Now there are plenty of examples of anime overtaking the Manga and diverging wildly from it.

What is a canon?

A canon is the core of something. The thing that's true to the story.

Non-canon are, e.g., what-if-stories, fan fictions, spin-offs that are distinct (in their universe), and so on. Stuff that is related to the product but not part of it.

Now, with Filler, there is some muddying going on. It usually refers to anime original content that is adapted in-between source canon content.

The Filler's original content is seen as deviating from the source canon, even if it's part of the anime canon. It's called Filler because it rarely moves things forward, as it is spliced in and can't change much without disrupting following items from the source canon. E.g., a filler can't kill off characters that are used later in the source stories.

That's why fillers are often disowned by source readers and disliked in general. Exceptions exist as always. People can barely tell apart what's manga canon in Gintama and what was added originally for the anime.

Naruto Filler List Episodes Guide

It was beginning to become weary of viewing Naruto due to those irrelevant scenes, also known as Naruto fillers. Those scenes are its naruto fillers that have nothing to do with the main story in the Manga. Look at this Naruto filler list to stay away from frustration!. This Article Contains a Complete Anime filler list with naruto filler episode names.


We have gone for the chronological order for watching these through for ease and because we do feel it is the best way to go about things. So that starts us off with Fate/Zero, which was not the first released, but it is a great starting point as it introduces us to the all-important fourth Holy Grail War.

Die-hard fans may take issue with starting here, but for those coming into the franchise for the first time, it is a perfect way to experience the plot and get to know the world that you are about to spend a lot of time in.

Fate/Stay Night

In all honesty, these first two are interchangeable with which one you choose to go with first, and there are advantages to both. This was released first, so if you want to watch it before Fate watch Order, then go for it as it will still be enjoyable.

Fate/Stay Night was released in 2006, and it is a solid story with engaging visuals - even if it does not quite reach the heights of the one we chose first on this list.

One Piece Filler List

Today with this one piece filler list, I will guide you on how you can use this long series more efficiently without wasting your time on fillers.

All anime fans know that one piece is a fairly popular anime series. You have heard about it from everyone, even if you haven't watched it yet; after all, one piece is running successfully for over 20 years.

And all of these years have more than a thousand episodes with fillers, but like most anime fans, I wouldn't say I like it when a filler comes in between an exciting arc.

That is why we got you, folks, today in this list. I am going to mention all the One Piece filler episodes that are not worth your time.