How to Write a Scholarship Essay – Golden Rules

How to Write a Scholarship Essay – Golden Rules
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Scholarship Essay – Golden Rules
  2. What Is Special about a Scholarship Essay?
  3. Tips for Scholarship Essay Writing
  4. Step #1 – Decide on a Theme
  5. Step #2 – Pan the Structure/ Content
  6. Step #3 – Develop Your Argumentation Strategy
  7. Step #4 – Prepare an Outline
  8. Step #5 – Write a Draft
  9. Step #6 – Finalize a Draft Version
  10. Subheading: GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Structures
  11. Our Recommendations

You can have good grades, but it doesn’t mean that you will be accepted to Harvard or any other educational establishment you are applying to. Highest TOEFL or GMAT scores will not open the door to Stanford for you unless you prove your knowledge, skills. It's all about a correctly written scholarship essay revealing your talent, potential. Scholarship essay helps members of college admissions committee to evaluate not only the expertise level of each applicant but also his personality.

A well-written essay gives a student the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of other students and make a good impression on those reading the piece. How to write a scholarship essay? What are the features of a winning paper? Let our academic writing service answer all these questions to make your life easier and increase your chances of being accepted.

What Is Special about a Scholarship Essay?

When wondering how to write a scholarship essay, you should understand what is special about this task. The first thing you need to know about a scholarship essay is its difference from the motivation letter. The main purpose of the motivation letter is to convey information about you to the selection committee. You describe your school achievements (won award) and specify life goals for the future. Simply put, a motivation letter is a paper about yourself. When it comes to a scholarship essay, this piece of writing should reveal your way of thinking, analytical and argumentation skills. The approach to writing a scholarship paper is in many respects different from coping with a motivational letter. There are still some similarities you need to consider when thinking about how to write a scholarship essay.

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Tips for Scholarship Essay Writing

Far from everyone can easily manage to formulate his thoughts on paper, especially when it comes to scholarship essay writing. The only idea that this piece of writing is going to decide the fate makes a person nervous. Let us reveal a formula for success. Discover how to plan your efforts to ensure the success of your scholarship paper writing - how to write a winning scholarship essay? What steps to take?

Step #1 – Decide on a Theme

The topic of a scholarship paper can be predetermined by the admission committee. This case is the most challenging one. You may be not interested in a theme or have less knowledge about it to provide a response. You can have a particular area of the subject, the topic of the paper to be directly related to it. In this case, it is you who decides from what angle to discuss the topic. The third option is when you choose the topic yourself. When picking a theme, remember it is critical to choose the topic that has a logical connection to the position you are applying to.

Step #2 – Pan the Structure/ Content

As a general rule, your scholarship paper should contain four main elements: introduction, thesis statement, argumentation, conclusion. Consider them at the stage when you decide how to write a winning scholarship essay. Intro is to you to provide some background information related to the topic. A thesis is the main idea of the work; it is the message you aim to deliver to the reader. Argumentation (body part) is to be logically connected to a thesis statement. It should contain the main points supporting it. A concluding paragraph should be your final say to the reader with a brief recall of everything earlier mentioned within a text.

Step #3 – Develop Your Argumentation Strategy

Organize your arguments and facts in such an order that they successfully reveal your main idea. Once you decide on the thesis statement, your mission is to deliver it to the reader. Look at facts that you have managed to find and own ideas about the topic; choose only those arguments that best argue the main idea of your work. Selecting the main points is only half the work. The next, no less important step is to find the best sequence for them within your paper. At this point, a paper outline will be of great service to you.

Step #4 – Prepare an Outline

An outline is a great tool. It helps a student to plan a structure of a paper and place his main points in most effective sequence. Prepare an outline for your scholarship essay not to miss out any important point/ idea and to develop a winning argumentation strategy. Having an outline, it is easier to start a writing process and overcome a writing block.

Step #5 – Write a Draft

It is hardly possible to write a winning scholarship essay on the first try. Writing a draft and editing it after some time is a better idea. With a fresh eye, it is easier to notice some mistakes and objectively evaluate paper contents. You may need to rewrite some parts of a paper or add some extra arguments to it.

Create a smooth, logical connection between paper paragraphs. Use transition words and phrases.

Step #6 – Finalize a Draft Version

At this stage, you are to re-read a scholarships essay attentively. Focus on the paper structure, words/ formulations you use. Make sure there are no grammar, punctuation, contextual mistakes; even the smallest error can make your paper sound unprofessional.

Subheading: GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Structures

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay structures are one-of-a-kind and stand in stark contrast to what a regular essay contains. To get your dream medical offer, you need to present a high-quality GAMSAT essay highlighting your novel ideas. Fraser’s GAMSAT tutors have many valuable years of experience guiding and mentoring students to excel in the GAMSAT. They have developed effective strategies, tools, and blogs to ensure you deliver a well-structured essay in the GAMSAT.

Our Recommendations

  • Make a plan, write a draft;
  • Answer each question referring to a thesis;
  • Make sure that each sentence is logically connected to a theme;
  • Provide arguments to all your claims;
  • Pay special attention to introduction – there should be a hook;
  • Write clearly; make sure your paper is easy to read;
  • Express your thoughts consistently and briefly;
  • Combine short and long sentences within your paper.
  • Do not use jargon, slang;
  • Do not deviate from topic;
  • Avoid repetitions;
  • Do not generalize your claims;
  • Avoid using clichés/ catchy expressions.

Remember that practicing is a good teacher of how to write a winning scholarship application essay. We recommend you to follow above recommendations and get your hand trained in writing essays. You can check scholarship essay examples to get inspired and understand writing tone and messaging of this kind of papers. As an alternative solution, you can buy a help of professionals for money. Submit a real winning application.