The Rise of Online Learning During the COVID Pandemic

The Rise of Online Learning During the COVID Pandemic

When the pandemic struck the world last year, life as we know it came to a halt. People were left stuck in their homes, unable to go out, and were made to limit human interaction or even stop it altogether.

It wasn't without its challenges. Schools, universities, and businesses had to shift to a completely online operation, and even future doctors, engenders and lawyers were forced to learn almost exclusively online.

Before the Pandemic

Online learning platforms were popular even before the lockdown forced physical classrooms to close up, and its demand has only increased since. Technology to facilitate online classes and exams already existed thanks to the rapid developments in technology and they are regularly presented in different news portals.

Since the pandemic struck the world, students from all over have had to learn online. Today, there are platforms like Lecturio that help future doctors prepare for their competitive exams. And even online learning platform for early childhood education like ICANDO, a game-based learning app for kids.

For example, you can learn more about USMLE prep just by clicking a few buttons, and even get started preparing yourself for professional exams completely online. This is something that wasn't possible pre-pandemic.

A Lack of Training

The near-instant shift from in-person to online classes all over wasn't without its problems. Students and teachers both struggled to overcome the challenges presented by online learning, and it was sometimes at the cost of the quality of education being provided. 

Not to mention the challenges faced by students who didn't have access to the internet or the financial privilege to afford the technology needed to be able to study online. A simple glitch in the computer or a misclick can end up ruining a whole examination, and carrying the exams out themselves has been a challenge.

Educational institutions have found it hard to ensure transparency in their online education process, and most have settled for supervising the exam takers via video link, which hasn't been without its challenges.

Is Online Learning Here to Stay?

The rise in online learning has opened up a whole new world of educational resources for students all over the world. It has never been easier to take classes from a professor in another country or take a global course with students from all over the world in attendance.

Some research has suggested that online learning means better retention, takes less time and is far more convenient than in-person learning. These facts may be the reason why many people believe that online teaching methods are here to stay, even if the pandemic is not. 

The online education market is projected to increase to over $350 Billion by 2025, with students all over the world learning languages, new skills, furthering their hobbies, or seeking help in their studies from online educators. 

Technical Innovations

With the onset of a whole new way of learning, many companies and educational institutions have come up with ways to meet that demand and make the process easier for everyone involved.

In a talk with the World Economic Forum, Dr. Amjad, a Professor at The University of Jordan says, "It has changed the way of teaching. It enables me to reach out to my students more efficiently and effectively through chat groups, video meetings, voting, and also document sharing, especially during this pandemic. My students also find it is easier to communicate on Lark. I will stick to Lark even after coronavirus, I believe traditional offline learning and e-learning can go hand in hand." Dr. Amjad has been using the online education platform Lark to take his classes.

Many people believe that the key to great online education lies in finding the right balance between online and physical modes of instruction and the right hybrid event platform

Almost every student all over the world was forced to take online classes through 2020, but the system of online education might be here to stay forever. Many believe that the key to effective online education lies in proper training and assimilation of the online learning model into the lives of both the students and the teachers.

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