It’s Your Chance to Get Higher SAT Score Today!

It’s Your Chance to Get Higher SAT Score Today!

SAT score is important as long as you are not a student of a successful higher educational institution college or university). A high SAT above average means that your knowledge of the basic school subjects is excellent. It also provides an applicant with a ticket to college. Of course, it’s only half the battle. You still need to submit a personal statement which you can buy online) and pass an interview. Some of the colleges also require some other projects to submit before being accepted.

Not so long ago, many high school graduates used to ignore such tests as SAT. They did not care much about their scores as the acceptance rates of the top colleges and universities were higher. However, these rates dropped dramatically in the recent years. At the same time, the number of applicants is growing the speed of light. It is connected with the fact that more people are born, and many successful students arrive at the United States to continue their education here. This country still leads among the best places in the world for building a bright career.

In other words, exams like SAT can either invest in your further education and career or reduce your chances to enter the college. Mind that such institutions as Stanford, Harvard, and even Columbia have decreased acceptance rates during 2015-2016 academic years. You can find proof at this website. But it does not mean that students should give up their dreams. Vice versa, you need to take more steps and study harder to be among the winners. It was also proved that professionals with higher education earn more money. They have more opportunities for self-development as well. Further in the text, we’ll try to figure out how English-speaking applicants can make it 8/8/8 score on the SAT essay.

SAT Score: Success Factors

Before we begin, you should realize that there is almost nothing in common between SAT essay and those who have written at your high school. Even if you have written thousands of small school essays that scored “A,” you’ll hardly be as successful with your SAT essay score unless you improve your knowledge and gain new skills.
On the whole, you’ll need the same set of skills:
  1. Research
  2. Analysis
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Math
Add subject experience, and here we go! As for the math part, there would be nothing more complicated than regular calculations based on the simple formulas which are sometimes given. However, there is something more that stands behind the high score on your SAT paper.

So, make sure you’re registered for your online or traditional SAT, and start getting ready! Mind that the test is free of charge.

Main Rules of the Game Called SAT

Let us start with what’s in common to make it easier. The good thing is that nothing about the essay’s organization has changed. It’s just that SAT essay may require some more experience. You used to write papers following MLA style mostly when studying at school. The rules have changed now as far as college expects you to write in other formats like APA or Chicago. They are more complex. That’s an obstacle on the way to high score. They often impose adding such elements as:
  • An outline
  • An abstract
  • Cover/title page
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
Anyway, to get your final score, this test requires you to compose an essay instead of research paper or lab report. Any essay has the same structure:
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • References
Applicants would be barely asked for something more. Your average score this time will not depend only on the reading required for the test. The commission will be interested to hear your thoughts to reward you with the highest possible score.

As far as each of the SAT sections is approximately 20% of the finals core, we can consider that the entire essay is also 20%. It would be a part of your English language proficiency test. This way, officers check grammar, spelling, punctuation, logic, and your overall intelligence. The general length of this assignment is usually 500-600 words. That is why each of the SAT essay parts should not overweight 100-150 words. Avoid such things as wordiness or complex phrases. Focus only on the main ideas.

Keep Training

Even if you’re pretty sure in all four parts of your upcoming SAT, it is recommended to attend special courses in real life or practice online. This practice will help to increase your final score. After all, each year something new is added to make the test more difficult, so students have to be ready. One of the best advices was posted by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers. Some of the samples of SAT essays that received the highest scores and appreciation can be found on this page.

Sound More Personal

As it was already mentioned, SAT essay requires more words from you. Your personal observations should still be supported by the facts. You may include properly cited quotations if you remember some. If you take online test, you have more chances to obtain a high score through looking for some online help. You may compare some facts from your life with the real life statistics.

Remain Objective and Sincere

It was noticed that those SAT essays that scored the highest grades were not lying. You should report only what really happened at your school or during last summer vacation. Believe it or not, but even a boring routine can be turned into the impressive story worth of the highest score. You should read more books written by successful business people to learn how to turn your weak sides in your advantages. Also, ETS (the company responsible for creating SAT) has no interest in student’s subjective thoughts. Still, try to avoid writing in the first person (“I” or “we”).

Use Professional Help with Your Admissions

It should be admitted that at least 25% of all applicants use online help from writing services like the one we mentioned above. If you don’t want to purchase custom essays or research papers, you can visit special SAT preparation websites. They are doing their best to let you earn a high SAT score.

At such sites, you will be able to find out where you can get statistics and credible data for your piece. These websites are also full of templates and examples to add up to your score.

What Should You Dedicate Your Prep Process to?

Manage your time! Determine your SAT goals (desired score, etc.) and stick to this guide if you want the highest score:
  • Write, read, and practice on other things as much as you can.
  • Study for your math section by solving high math problems.
  • Download and use only endorsed guides and study materials.
  • Revise the final draft of any essay at least twice.
  • Keep informed on the latest changes in the score system.
  • Ensure efficient transitions for a seamless college admissions paper.
  • Pose a question when it is possible. Grab reader’s attention.
  • Report any mistakes detected in your writing.
  • Compare your draft with the published examples of SAT essays with the highest scores.
That’s it. Your SAT preparation is almost done. Don’t think about the percentile and score – focus on your work. Your only opportunity to gain a high score is to toss away all distractive thoughts.