Things Students Should Know about Hero Analysis Essay

Things Students Should Know about Hero Analysis Essay

It takes a plenty of time to master all assignments you might challenge during your AP English or other Literary courses. From time to time, the teacher may address so-called Character analysis. The idea is to read the entire story to know all the ongoing conflicts, and then put it on the paper in a logical manner.

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Define Character Analysis Paper

This sort of essay stands for the full evaluation of the character or group of characters as well as the deep analysis of their actions/behaviors. Such assignment aims to help student differentiate good and evil, protagonists and antagonists. To do so, a student has to make a literary profile of the target hero.

Goals of a Character Analysis

The main purpose is to help the reader get to the point of the story through introducing one of the main characters. Anatomy of the chosen individual allows watching his stages of development. As a result, a student starts to realize the need for self-development and further self-actualization. Also, such analysis allows preventing mistakes of the chosen characters in real life.

Know How to Write a Character Analysis

This essay requires that a student describes the setting (location and time), atmosphere, other characters, and other important details of the plot to get deeper into the nature of the discussed hero. A writer has to dig deeper into all events connected with the described person. The mission is to feel the person in order to forecast and explain his actions. Point to how the author evolved the hero throughout the story. Were these changes positive or negative?

Hint: compare and contrast essay may be dedicated to two characters of the same book. It makes sense to compare different personalities of protagonists and antagonists. Here is how students can do that.

Start Writing Your Piece

Based on the book of your choice, pick a person you like or dislike. Sometimes, antagonists are much more interesting to discuss as their actions are unpredictable. Also, they have more complex natures and issues. Often, students select characters for their analysis that are somehow assigned to them. That’s a good idea too because you can draw parallels with your own life across the essay.

While reading or re-reading the book of your preference, take notes and write down the most interesting citations. Make sure to cite them properly using one of the writing styles:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Turabian
  • Harvard
  • Vancouver
  • Oxford
  • IEEE

Once you finish with your book notes, try to create the main idea. It should be a short sentence discussing the main trait or role in the book. It would be a thesis statement for your analysis essay later. You may access free examples of such essays online to always have a good sample of paper in front of you. An example will give you an overall idea of the essay’s structure.

Create Character Analysis Essay Outline

  1. Introduction paragraph. Make sure to hold together the entire paper. Create a powerful thesis statement describing the main role of your chosen character in short.
  2. Body part. Separate your body paragraphs into different points. You may want to use effective transition words and phrases to unite all your body paragraphs. Here are the specific questions to answer:
  • Focus on the physical appearance, personality and history/origins.
  • Using examples from the book, recall the conflicts related to your hero. How were they resolved?
  • What can your reader learn from this character and his lessons?
  1. Conclusion. Develop a final analysis statement in this paragraph.

Good Ideas for Topic

As a good character analysis example, you may choose the heroes from the world-known books. You may want to write about the life of such person as Othello, Hercules, Jay Gatsby, Sherlock Holmes, and the Crucible. There are a lot of options and books with the great people to talk about. Students may search for the topic idea on the internet. Look at the way different people try to solve conflicts and how lucky they are in their attempts. It might be even more helpful to look at those who create conflicts as the entire book plot is built around them. The most important things to think about and keep in mind are:

  • Personal traits
  • Actions
  • Decisions
  • Interactions with other people
  • Evolution

On the whole, it is important to find a character which can teach a meaningful life lesson. Make sure to understand his TRUE role in the book. The real intentions of some people may be blurry. So, it is a good idea to choose that type of people to analyze. Iago from Othello is a nice example of an idea for your analysis. Focus on the reasons to murder Othello in your analysis essay. Don’t forget to ask questions like: “What would I do in the place of that person?”

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