How to Write Best College Essay?

How to Write Best College Essay?

Any average school or college essay weighs almost 30% of the total course grade. So, it does not make sense to ignore even the smallest writing assignments. Your exam might be more important, but it’s not that easy to pass it on the first attempt. Teachers assign various academic papers for two purposes:

  • To discuss the particular subject (or certain topic)
  • To check the student’s progress

This article is going to talk about eight success factors on the way to excellent college essay or research paper. It contributes to the exam part. Thus, there is no way to complete the course without writing academic papers.
  1. Mind Your Writing Style

A college essay is not a letter to your friend. There is no way to write it using informal language like slang or else. You have to create your composition with respect to particular writing style. The generally accepted paper formats include:
  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • Harvard
  • Vancouver
  • Oxford

When teachers compare the latest essays to the earlier, they check what students have learned, and what still has to be mastered. It is possible to watch your personal development. Also, the way you write allows establishing an individual approach to teaching. Use different writing style guides when you write a college essay or another academic assignment. Sooner or later, you’ll master the art of academic writing. If you want to speed up the process, you can always buy well-written college essay from experts online.
  1. Stick to the main point

You might be studying World War II or the history of the United States. When you are assigned to write a college essay, pay attention to the particular topic. Do not try to cover everything you were speaking about during the entire Fall or Spring. Instead of putting all ideas into one paper, your essay should be based just on Hitler or Stalin as in our example.

When you write an admission essay, it also has to be concise. It should not be longer than 500-600 words. It is better to check the specific requirements of your target college or university. A regular college essay must include up to 500 words as well, so try to make it as clear and concise as possible by focusing on just one idea.
  1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is one of the most effective techniques to collect good ideas and pick the best of them. If you write an application essay, you still have to sit down and think about your best qualities to describe.

To do so, you have to know everything about the school or college you want to enter.
  1. Conduct in-depth research

Before you write the final draft of your college essay, brainstorm and collect ideas only from the most relevant sources. Also, modern teachers ask to use only those sources that are no older than 5 years.

College essay may be based on such sources as:
  • Textbooks
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Videos

To gather only good sources, try to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. It’s up to you to decide which of them are effective enough to cite.
  1. Develop breathtaking introduction

You may begin your college essay with the quote, but do not overwhelm your paper with citations as they are defined as plagiarism. Your essay should be at least 95% original.
  1. Try to be honest

When you write an admission essay, it is true that you have to focus on your best qualities. You need to be creative, but it does not mean you can come up with various lies about your life.

Sooner or later it will become obvious that your college essay was not honest enough. Include the most interesting facts from your life and relate them to your further education and career, but do not talk about skills you don’t actually have.

Vice versa, it is better to mention which skills you still need to obtain in your admission college essay.

  1. Avoid any word that you don’t know

While writing a college essay, do not forget to use a dictionary. Check out every term you are not sure about. It is a good way to improve your English language and make sure that you will not look silly in case your teacher asks you to comment some words.
  1. Collect valuable feedback

Once you’re done with your draft, let someone read it. You may hand it over to your peers, family members, or even tutors. Tutors must help you and point to your mistakes unless the deadline is over. Thus, it is better to prepare your college essay ahead. Listen to the critique patiently in order to make your essay even better while you have time.
Well, there is just one more tip to share. If you write your college essay all alone, you might miss a serious mistake or fail to stick to the main idea. If you need each paragraph to make sense and inspiring introduction, it is better to pay some money and get a brand new college essay written by professional academic writers. Explore each service’s offer to order just what you need.