A Complete Guide on How to Write a Persuasive Essay Successfully

A Complete Guide on How to Write a Persuasive Essay Successfully
Table of Contents
  1. A Complete Guide on How to Write a Persuasive Essay Successfully
  2. What is a persuasive essay?
  3. How to write a persuasive essay?
  4. Create your persuasive essay outline
  5. Develop a persuasive essay thesis
  6. Write a persuasive essay introduction
  7. Structure a persuasive essay body paragraph
  8. Draft a persuasive essay conclusion
  9. Why use persuasive essay examples
  10. Expert advice
  11. A list of persuasive essay topics
  12. Interesting persuasive essay topics
  13. College persuasive essay topics
  14. What are good persuasive essay topics for high school students?
  15. What are perfect sports persuasive essay topics?
  16. The best persuasive essay topics about animals
  17. What are great science persuasive essay topics?
  18. Final words

All students in schools, colleges, and universities must submit a persuasive essay, but most of them aren't proficient in its adequate literary organization. How to write a persuasive essay? If you don't create a comprehensive structure, your viewpoints and ideas won't have any value and you'll fail to impress your teachers. Use effective rhetorical techniques (pathos, logos, and ethos) to increase your appeal to targeted readers and persuade them of your chosen stance.

What is a persuasive essay?

What is a persuasive essay? It’s impossible to write a good one if you don’t know its definition because you’re quite like to mix it up with argumentative essays or other academic papers. In this piece of writing, use personal perspectives to convince readers to agree with your stance and their change their viewpoints on your subject. Be aware of your own biases. Conduct your deep research and make a detailed analysis to understand your topic to its full extent and make your paper sound persuasive.

How to write a persuasive essay?

You’re in the right place to find out how to write a persuasive essay and end up earning high scores for this academic assignment. Its primary purpose is to give your evaluation of a particular topic. Learn to explain your point of view using a structured argument and follow specific guidelines and standards to improve your analytical reasoning skills.

Create your persuasive essay outline

Make an effective plan for your paper because it will help you organize your strong argument. Every paragraph should present an argument and support it with evidence. Place all the reference and facts you use in your persuasive essay outline to look at them if you lose a flow of your ideas.

Develop a persuasive essay thesis

To state a strong thesis, the main concern is your personal position on the chosen subject. It should be direct and brief. Your mission is to draft the paper that will solidify your thesis that gives a clear idea of your stance to prove it as valid. Good statements always take a stable position. The lousy ones offer a neutral or general view.

Write a persuasive essay introduction

There are many ways you can use to start your paper:

  • Use a hook to grab readers’ attention;
  • Include a humorous statement (you’re allowed to use a less formal approach);
  • Make a robust controversial statement.

Your opener is an effective tool to paint a full picture of your work and lead the audience to its main point. It’s an important structural element of your paper.

Structure a persuasive essay body paragraph

This is where you need to support your viewpoint with hard facts and strong evidence. Make sure you know your topic inside out to anticipate possible opposing views and give counter-arguments to improve your content quality. How can you support your argument in the main body?

  • Use factual information from your observations, reading, and personal experiences (support them with sources to make them sound credible);
  • Include expert quotes and refer to them to solidify your argument and make a tremendous impact;
  • Use examples to paint a specific scenario or achieve other goals;
  • Find statistics from reliable sources to make your argument strong;
  • Benefit from concessions and accept a part of the arguments of your opponents to prove your expertise.

Draft a persuasive essay conclusion

This section doesn’t delve far from an opening paragraph, but there are some unique elements. Learn to end your paper effectively. Restate your thesis, summarize key points, and write meaningful personal comments, like a call for action or predictions, to leave all readers with something for pondering about. Get creative to leave an impressive impact.

Why use persuasive essay examples

Great persuasive essay examples and templates can help you give rise to interesting discussions and choose outstanding subjects. Follow them if you aren’t familiar with this academic assignment. Good examples will help you build perfect arguments with ease.

Expert advice

The main purpose of writing this type of academic paper is to teach you how to structure and present your strong arguments. Presenting counter-arguments is one of the most important steps. If your paper talks only about your stance, you didn’t do a good job and won’t get high scores for your assignment. Explaining to opponents why their arguments are invalid is an effective way to win them over, not blindly forcing them to accept your side. Expert advice is to include counter-arguments and explain why they’re invalid.

A list of persuasive essay topics

When thinking about excellent persuasive essay topics, your basic goal is to find a subject with many contrasting views. Avoid broad issues because their discussion takes a lot of space. Narrow your subject down to persuade the audience on a small topic and connect it to a broader context to leave all readers inspired with many thoughts and allow them to dig deeper. There are many original topics that you can find for your paper.

Interesting persuasive essay topics

  1. Customer complaints can help companies evolve and improve;
  2. China is a new superpower;
  3. Parents should pay their children of any age for doing home chores;
  4. Churches need to pay taxes;
  5. Selfish children become selfish and greedy adults;
  6. Universal truth exists;
  7. Energy drinks can’t boost energy levels for a long time;
  8. Differences between evil and good are smaller than people think;
  9. Optimism is infectious;
  10. The first impression of people is always right;
  11. Bermuda Triangle isn’t as creepy as people used to think;
  12. It’s impossible to ban animal testing entirely;
  13. Music and intellectual development: The importance of taking piano lessons as a child

College persuasive essay topics

Finding good topics for your college assignment can be a bit more difficult, but you get a great opportunity to make a serious impact with your piece of writing. It’s advisable to choose controversial subjects. They challenge you to engage in interesting intellectual issues. The best ideas should take into account contemporary life events and discuss different ethical, moral, environmental, technological, and other matters.

  1. Federal courtrooms should have live cameras to televise all trials;
  2. Digital pictures are too plentiful to have any meaning;
  3. It’s beneficial to create prisoner rehabilitation systems using art and music;
  4. Beauty contests shouldn’t be encouraged;
  5. College education requires reformations;
  6. Argue in favor of net neutrality;
  7. Stem cell therapy is ethical;
  8. Modern feminism lost its original purpose;
  9. Students shouldn’t use smartphones in schools because their use impairs concentration and focus;
  10. The media for teenagers advertise ethically and morally wrong messages;
  11. Genders don’t have their equal representation in modern politics;
  12. Online education isn’t as effective as classroom learning;
  13. Identity theft is a big problem in the virtual world;
  14. Students need to replace their textbooks with iPads;
  15. College education should be cheaper because of the amount of data available online;
  16. Zoos protect the members of many animal species from their extinction;
  17. Students need to think twice before they post something on social media because wrong posts can hurt their professional and academic career.

What are good persuasive essay topics for high school students?

If the concept of space exploration or other similar subjects are tedious and long, you have many other excellent topics for your high school paper. They include the following ideas:

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird should be banned in schools because its language can make some teenagers feel uncomfortable;
  2. Death penalty isn’t justified;
  3. People are the biggest culprit for climate change;
  4. Teachers should ban the use of cell phones in classrooms;
  5. Girls and boys should have their hair codes in modern schools;
  6. Teenagers need to wear uniforms in schools;
  7. Parents should give teenagers their allowance;
  8. Students should have the right to have an impact on their school curriculum;
  9. Music and art classes help students emotionally by improving their creativity;
  10. Many teenagers have their negative body image and modern social media are to blame;
  11. Social media users tend to be very sensitive and most of them find everything offensive;
  12. TV shows that promote teen pregnancy are evil;
  13. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a famous teenage rebellion;
  14. Bystanders have their responsibility to intervene when there are problems.

What are perfect sports persuasive essay topics?

  1. Playing your favorite sport is the best reducer of obesity and stress reliever;
  2. It’s important to censor sports fans somehow;
  3. Press conferences should be mandatory for all athletes;
  4. It’s necessary to monetize and legalize the use of steroids instead of banning them;
  5. Athletes are excellent role models for kids;
  6. Players’ jerseys should display ads;
  7. Concussion rules in the NFL spoil the game;
  8. Even the best coaches may lose their self-control;
  9. Female tennis players should be able to complete in male leagues;
  10. Female athletes are more likely to incur injuries than men;
  11. The inborn talents of athletes play a more important role than their coaches and their skills;
  12. Not all good athletes can be good coaches;
  13. Bodybuilding is inappropriate for women;
  14. Male and female athletes shouldn’t earn equal salaries in the same type of sports;
  15. Coaches must care for the health of their athletes;
  16. Female boxing is less popular than male boxing only because of existing stereotypes.

The best persuasive essay topics about animals

There are many interesting topics and controversial issues in the modern world that focus on animals. What are the most popular ones? Students often choose such subjects as the genetic modification of livestock, different factory farming practices, the conversation of all endangered species, and animal neglect and abuse. If you choose one of these topics, it’s simple to pick your stance, argue for your point of view, and convince readers. Consider these original suggestions for your next paper.

  1. Medical animal testing is completely justifiable;
  2. Zoos are good for saving and protecting animals;
  3. It’s important to protect all endangered animal species;
  4. Euthanizing stray animals is very unethical;
  5. Hunting for sports is inhumane and unethical;
  6. In some cases, euthanizing stray animals can be a humane solution;
  7. The protection of the Giant Panda plays its important role for ecology;
  8. Medical animal testing is evil and ethically wrong;
  9. Companion animals help lonely people;
  10. People shouldn’t keep fish in goldfish bowls with no temperature control and filters;
  11. Keeping animals in zoos is the inhumane practice;
  12. Animal testing can be justifiable in some instances (medical), but not in others (cosmetics).

What are great science persuasive essay topics?

  1. String theory isn’t a legitimate scientific discipline;
  2. Vaccinations are effective and safe treatments for all people;
  3. Humanity should keep developing synthetic biology;
  4. Humanity should pursue space travelling and the colonization of other planets;
  5. Evolution is true for many reasons;
  6. Upcoming technologies will change the society;
  7. Evidence proves that global climate change is real and people contribute to its development considerably;
  8. The era pictured in the Blade Runner is closer with every day;
  9. Environmental protection agencies don’t use their full capacity to improve ecology;
  10. People are guilty of the extinction of different rare species of plants and animals;
  11. Cloning animals is unethical;
  12. Genetically modified food products aren’t safe;
  13. Human activities have nothing to do with global warming and its progress;
  14. Alternative sources of energy should replace fossil fuels;
  15. Modern planes don’t fall without logical scientific reasons;
  16. There should be restrictions on the number of kids in every family.

Final words

If you use all the above-mentioned tips and topics for your next persuasive paper, you’ll write a great paper without spending a lot of time. What if you keep struggling with this academic assignment? Get expert assistance and count of the top-notch services of professional writers.

Trying to persuade readers and impressing your teachers can be an exhausting process, but qualified and experienced online assistants will make it much easier. Their services are available 24/7 to help all struggling students improve their writing skills and academic performance without paying a fortune.