Most Beautiful College Campuses: Shortlist

Most Beautiful College Campuses: Shortlist
Table of Contents
  1. Most Beautiful College Campuses: Shortlist
  2. 10. University of the Pacific
  3. 9. Kenyon College
  4. 8. Occidental College
  5. 7. Lewis & Clark College
  6. 6. Rollins College
  7. 5. University of Hawaii at Manoa
  8. 4. Rice University
  9. 3. Indiana University
  10. 2. Berry College
  11. 1. Bryn Mawr College
  12. Bottom Line

College life has lots of various pros and cons, but studying in some amazing university campus instead of a usual boring red brick building is an advantage all students should not just take for granted. Such thing as everyday stress can be reduced by such a nice detail as a beautiful university campus. Of course, after years of studying even in the most beautiful college campus or school you can just not notice it anymore.

But take just one minute to look around you and realize how beautiful the place is and how lucky you are. In this article we will tell about 10 the most beautiful college campuses as we see it. Of course, there are dozens of impressing old and modern buildings all around the United States. But our experts have gathered the shortlist to make the competition more interesting and focused. So, check it out to check your personal favorite.

10. University of the Pacific

There is one absolutely stunning thing about University of the pacific. It is all about its great white tower - Burns Tower. Its design is amazing with no more words needed. The entire university campus can be seen from its top and the tower itself can be seen from any point of the university campus. And there are also lots of green space where you can calm down and relax laying under friendly California sun.

9. Kenyon College

This one is situated in Gambier, Ohio. The entire university campus looks amazing especially in fall season. Even the way to it is breathtaking while you are having a trip up the hill through Middle Path. Old and unique university buildings look so gorgeous combining modern glass walls. The campus is light and inspires students to study and to create. Kenyon was founded in 1820s and is a gothic masterpiece standing right in the middle of nature. The spirit of ancient knowledge is all around and it seems you can almost physically feel it.

8. Occidental College

What is the best thing while studying in Occidental College? Well, seeing the view of Los Angeles everyday is enough? And studying in a modern, light, and just amazing campus is the thing students here see and appreciate every day. The diversity and creativity of Los Angeles makes this place unique starting point for lots of future successful people. You need more? Well, it is LA and Hollywood, so, some scenes of legendary Star Track were filmed here. Yes, right near the fountain. The same fountain where due to the local tradition you will be thrown into on your birthday.

7. Lewis & Clark College

Do you think you know Portland, Oregon? Well, you saw not enough without the gorgeous campus of Lewis & Clark College. The main thing about this place is the complex of old-fashioned cottages built around a beautiful lake. Looking as a fairy tale village this institution is the home for talented students who enjoy not just a top-class studying program but also real nature beauty. The lake, forest, and Mount Hood are the most gorgeous spots in this majestic place. Lewis & Clark College is the land of knowledge, nature beauty, and great architecture.

6. Rollins College

Lake Virginia, Orlando. Here sits another great example of architecture and design beauty. Rollins is truly one of the most interesting and amazing institutions on the planet. The landscape itself, the nature, and view are the first things you are amazed with. It is just like heaven for a student. Studying and enjoying warm Florida sun would make anyone love this place to the bottom of their heart. And of course, the campus itself is just amazing. New England architecture with comfortable design will make you always feel welcome no matter how high your grade is.

5. University of Hawaii at Manoa

After dream of California and Florida here comes the real winner. Warmed with a tropical sun University of Hawaii at Manoa is exact place where you want to go in case you do not like bad weather and cold. This sunny place makes you feel like studying in heaven. You can enjoy not just top quality university studying process but also great architecture and tropical island nature. What more can you wish? This university  is a perfect choice for warm weather lovers out there.

4. Rice University

Nature, trees, and great architecture. Few hundreds of acres where the university is situated are surrounded by almost five thousands of trees. There are also amazing sculptures making the entire appearance of the university more medieval and unique. You can also visit Houston and Rice Village situated not far from the university campus. Besides that few modern buildings here are great examples of contemporary architecture design.

3. Indiana University

What will you think about after seeing Indiana University for the first time? Well, it is obviously Hogwarts. This university just breaths history. You can feel it in the air. The architectural decisions are unique and traditional at the same time. Just visit this university once and the impression will stay with you forever.

2. Berry College

The main thing about Berry College is the nature. All students here are extremely clear about the fact that all we are the part of nature and try to protect it on a daily basis. The architecture of buildings are perfectly combined with the entire landscape. All the university students here usually take long relaxing walks through the territory where, by the way, such movies as Remember the Titans and Sweet Home Alabama were shot.

1. Bryn Mawr College

The university was founded in 1885 and now is a true diamond among other colleges in the US. The royal look of buildings make you feel like an aristocracy walking to a medieval castle. So very close to a fairy tale. Unique gardens are another part that makes the entire place so great and impressing.

Bottom Line

No matter how cool your university is looking. The main thing is and always will be the studying process. In case you have any troubles with your writing, our writers are ready to help you out anytime. Any academic task such as extended or definition essay can be delivered within the deadlined.