Learning the Basics of Writing an Outline in Harvard Format

Learning the Basics of Writing an Outline in Harvard Format
Table of Contents
  1. Learning the Basics of Writing an Outline in Harvard Format
  2. Interesting Peculiarities of Harvard Outline Format
  3. What is a general arrangement of academic papers?
  4. 4 Basic Rules to Follow
  5. What are the necessary steps?
  6. Additional pointers
  7. Two Main Types of an Outline
  8. What if you have any difficulties?

To write their good college or school paper, students need the best set of important skills, such as their knowledge, qualitative or technical expertise, etc. To meet Harvard outline format requirements, you require your ability to share information in a way that expresses the main point without undermining the sources you use in a reference page. Academic writing has different standards or formats. They guide students in the best structure to reference their resources.

Interesting Peculiarities of Harvard Outline Format

A standard Harvard outline format is one of the oldest or most famous styles that people use for referencing. What are its interesting peculiarities? Many university teachers recognize its ease or simplicity because Harvard law outlines are easy to trace or follow, which is a big benefit.

This format uses general requirements for citing sources or information that you use to write your academic paper of any type. What are basic details? You should search for writers’ names, publication years, titles, publication places, and publishers if you use any source in the process of writing your assignment. You need to take notes of in-text references, such as pages, year, and names of quotes or citations that you take from the sources that you read.

What is a general arrangement of academic papers?

Harvard outline format guidelines aren’t strict, so the main requirement that you must meet is double spacing and using fonts. Their basic goal is to make your assignment more user-friendly. To write all sentences correctly, you must be consistent and follow specific rules that identify a particular format for journal, online, book, and other citations that you find and use in your work.

Many students in schools and other institutions use standard Harvard outline format rules, and that’s why there are regular changes and updates. Use a proper style to create your plan. Write down important information about your sources when conducting your literature research to avoid forgetting the details necessary to structure a referencing section.

4 Basic Rules to Follow

If your instructor asks you to write the best Harvard outline, you should do the following:

  1. Use only phrases instead of complete sentences;
  2. Every sentence should be meaningful;
  3. Don’t use sub ideas or details;
  4. All ideas are general and they discuss more specific topics.

What are the necessary steps?

If you need to create your paper plan of any literary work, skim chapters for several minutes and pay attention to italic or bold words and headings. Get a basic idea of keywords and chapter content. It will help you follow a proper order and get ready for making a good plan for your future paper.

Read every chapter. You shouldn’t start creating your Harvard outline at this stage, but it’s necessary to write down any useful page numbers or interesting points. Start making your plan. Keep in mind that many book chapters have special introductory sections that can provide you with a brief overview of every section.

Look for major ideas and interesting facts as you reread everything carefully. As you create your Harvard outline, use headings and subheadings to elaborate on your chosen subject and give extra details or facts. Label and indent every sub-idea as a subheading. Reread everything to check if important information is in place.

Additional pointers

  • Read and reread introductory and concluding paragraphs to get a clear picture and topic significance;
  • Write down all bold words with their exact definitions;
  • Your plan should be short and detailed enough to help you complete your academic assignment, and ensure that it’s not overwhelming to read;
  • Use the abbreviations of common names or terms if you understand what they mean.

Remember that copying your sources directly has nothing to do with creating your Harvard outline because it must contain abbreviations, summaries, and major points.

Two Main Types of an Outline

What are basic outline types? If you follow Harvard formatting guidelines to make a plan for your paper of any academic level, there are different types to choose from. Your alphabetical Harvard outline should subdivide, help you organize all thoughts, and ensure that you include all the key points that you want to address. Use your Harvard outline as a framework for your assignment.

  1. A full-sentence type - this format is similar to the above-mentioned one, the main difference is that you need to write full sentences at every level (as its name suggests). Many students use it to write their traditional academic essays.
  2. A decimal type - a decimal outline type is similar to the alphabetical one, its extra benefit is that it has a special system of decimal notations that clearly indicate how each level related to a broader plan. Be sure to follow Harvard guidelines to write your good one.

Ensure that it contains the following basic elements:

  • Your chosen topic and thesis statement;
  • Its important purpose;
  • Your targeted audience.

What if you have any difficulties?

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