How to Overcome Writer's Block in 15 Great Ways to Get Your Essay Done?

How to Overcome Writer's Block in 15 Great Ways to Get Your Essay Done?

“I may write for two weeks ‘the cat sat on the mat, that is that, not a rat.’ And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff. But I try.”
Maya Angelou

One of the famous American female poets, memoirists, essayists, and civil right activists is talking about the worst nightmare of any writer – a writer’s block. Students may find this article interesting as it provides effective ideas on how to overcome writer block. The advice are shared by the well-known writers.

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How to Overcome Writer Block: 5 Types of the Writer’s Problem

When you wake up in the morning having no idea of how to overcome writer block you faced yesterday, it is important to define the source of the problem. Why were you stuck in the middle of your writing?

  1. You have lost a creative muse

If you cannot start a blank page with the word, trying to come up with a good idea, it is the warning sign of being stuck. Many people wonder how some writers block their workflow. It is okay if you are a young student or beginning writer who faces the problem of getting stuck in the middle of the work. Don’t you have any thoughts on your topic, or have no topic?

  1. Too many creative ideas to start

The opposite problem of being stuck in the middle of the work running out of ideas is the problem of being overloaded with the exciting thoughts. Many topics in the world are worthy of paying attention. Every writer tries to dedicate time to different problems people of his generation face every day; every story should provide some helpful life lessons. Unfortunately, you can’t catch up with all ideas coming to your head – learn how to overcome writer block by setting priorities!

  1. No outline to help the writer

One of the best ways to stick to the point without getting lost in your writing is to write an effective outline (an action plan). Trying to keep all thoughts in your head may lead to the loss of the best ideas. If the writer writes every point on a separate sheet of paper, it is easier to come back to those thoughts later, and generate the corresponding words in a good story. Even the greatest ideas may leave your head the other morning.

  1. Stuck in the middle having no idea of the further plot development

Many world’s known writers like Stephen King hire ghostwriters from the professional online writing services to help them continue their stories. They are people who can run out of ideas. Try to allocate different genius thoughts on other papers to let the others continue your work.

  1. You feel like wasting your time

Famous writers often find their works a waste of time; they realize the story has taken a wrong turn, and there are no suitable words to save the day. The problem may refer to the lack of vocabulary or overloaded working schedules. However, in most cases, the best way to explain such situation is the story’s dead end: do not hesitate to put a dot even in the most successful guest blogging.

10 Things You Should Know to Understand How to Stop Writers’ Block?

You know five main types of the writer's block. It is time to find helpful tips to learn how to stop writer’s block before it eats your work. These are the major tips used by the regular writers working in well-known magazines, newspapers, and content-producing companies.

  1. Have a walk. Do not confuse this type of activity with the distracting activities (e.g., playing Angry Birds, watching funny videos, installing new apps). Physical activities are very important not only to clear up your mind but also to stay healthy. Staying at your desk for the whole day waiting for new ideas to come can be rather harmful so it is better to stay active. If you want to get some more how to stay healthy, you can visit Meds News as they are sharing a lot of insights there.
  2. Get rid of the distractions. Different mobile & web applications may help to put ideas together and organize thoughts by eliminating the potential distracting factors which can cause your procrastination.
  3. Change your working environment. Wake up in the morning to attend new places as they help to enrich your imagination with new inspiring ideas.
  4. Read a book. The works of famous writers (essays, novels, poetry, short stories) help to focus and realize how to beat writer’s block.
  5. Freewriting is a good idea (read instructions to learn how world’s known authors handle writers block).
  6. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of your creative writing.
  7. Listen to music – it may help to generate new ideas and organize thoughts, but it is recommended to choose classical or jazz music.
  8. World-known authors recommend having daily routines to summon the Muse.
  9. Try to spend more time with people you love (family, relatives, friends, beloved ones) to get inspired. You can watch something together, some anime for example (check One Piece filler episodes). 
  10. Use bullet points or numbered lists – they help to organize the brainstormed ideas in the chronological or most comfortable order.
  11. Read the inspiring quotes to help your brain work:

“Scribble on the manuscript as you go if you see anything you want to change. And often, when you get to the end you’ll be both enthusiastic about it and know what the next few words are.” 
Neil Gaiman

Common Mistakes People Do

Please view this list of how to overcome writer’s problem unsuccessfully – use tips that oppose these statements.

  1. Trying to refuse any type of writing activities until the writer gets inspired by his missing Muse (he/she will lose the skills).
  2. Keep on wallowing in self-pity.
  3. Postponing/procrastinating the work hoping to find other words for your article/story/book/novel/essay the other morning.
  4. Watching TV trying to grab ideas and thoughts from the ‘talking box.’
  5. Reading the articles like this one without acting.

If you want to learn how to beat writer’s block, do not give up: follow the given article’s tips or get help from other articles on the topic of writing. We also recommend MediaEquipt's article with 5 actions against procrastination.

The topic of how to stop writer’s block is always relevant. Even the most known authors of famous books & novels are getting stuck in the middle of their working process sometimes. Was it article helpful? If you need more tips or professional writing assistance, do not hesitate to make an order with the great academic company, which offers the best prices on the market!