Narrative Essay Topics - Choose the One you Like!

Narrative Essay Topics - Choose the One you Like!
Table of Contents
  1. Narrative Essay Topics - Choose the One you Like!
  2. The List of Original Narrative Essay Topics
  3. Original Themes for Narrative Essays
  9. Additional Ideas for Writing Papers
  13. Creative and Unparalleled Topics

Every time you want to perform great narrative essay, be free to describe the most outstanding event in your life or unparalleled personal experience. School and college students use individual writing techniques. They write own story and place themselves as main characters, describing personal experience in details.  

Every person can become a talented writer. Describing the unforgettable and important day of your life is the best way of performing a proper narrative essay. Look through a list of wonderful narrative essay topics. Experienced writers spend hours, days, weeks choosing brilliant, reasonable, unique topic to complete perfect essay paper.

The List of Original Narrative Essay Topics

A good essay topic is a key to academic success. Choosing a theme is half of whole work. If you want to refer to the memorable moment of your life, select some interesting event carefully to satisfy your sophisticated readers. Interesting ideas means everything.

Feel free to choose wanted essay subject. School & university academic assignments require good writing skills, research work, knowledge to perform assigned tasks on time, especially complex narrative articles. Students prefer completing narrative essays with individual subjects.

Original Themes for Narrative Essays

Experienced writers distinguish set of original narrative essay topics ordered into groups:


  1. Your real life significance demonstrated experience;
  2. Unpleasant and embarrassing practice;
  3. The most teaching and educating event;
  4. Define the most terrifying situation ever faced;
  5. Motivating and inspiring life experience.

Readers appreciate stories about personal involvement. Both positive and negative examples are important.


  1. Exciting and memorable birthday party;
  2. Favorite game and activity in childhood;
  3. First time you got hurt on the playground;
  4. Your favorite cartoon character or superhero;
  5. Tell about difficult or terrifying childhood practice.

You may tell in details about childhood. This is a great theme to state.


  1. Favorite school subject, science sphere, and activity;
  2. Attitude towards massive school events or parties;
  3. Favorite teacher you wanted to be friends with at school;
  4. Problems ever occurred with you at school;
  5. Favorite short trip or long traveling with schoolmates.

School years are an intriguing period for every person. It is full of challenges you face primarily. The skills and knowledge you gain at school allow overcoming numerous complex challenges in adulthood.


  1. Person you care extremely;
  2. Feeling of rejection or mutual feelings;
  3. First love experience and its outcomes;
  4. The worst quarrel with your parents;
  5. Tell about reliable and loyal friends.

Friendship, love affairs, relations with parents are important. They are crucial parts of our history. These important individuals remain our soul people who bring joy, motivation, desire, happiness or sometimes less joyful feelings.


  1. Personal talents and ways to implement them;
  2. Book or movie character you associate yourself with;
  3. Songs that makes you very sad or happy;
  4. Movies you want to shoot yourself in future;
  5. Book or movie events you want to understand.

Academic papers about individual interests are motivating.

Additional Ideas for Writing Papers

Ghostwriters from prefer many unique topics to choose. There are various narratives to write.


  1. Exciting and memorable journey with its impressions;
  2. The most convenient travelling transport;
  3. Unique and comfortable vacation places;
  4. Top things you need to take with you on vacation;
  5. If you were a millionaire, where would you go on vacation?

Travelling may be people’s hobby. They can write even huge books of few chapters recounting own journeys to various continents, countries, cities. Ability to term details is central.


  1. First day of moving to student dorm;
  2. Longest and exhausting exam at college;
  3. Tutor who taught you the most useful things;
  4. Importance of college or university;
  5. Time of being depressed at college.

Students are fearless people. Being a student means staying young and ambitious. This study period is one of greatly memorable and character formatting periods, which bring useful discoveries, new practical skills. You learn to make adult decisions at college.


  1. The most difficult decision you have made;
  2. First rebellion act and its reasons;
  3. Attitude towards popular religions;
  4. Personal definition of good & bad things;
  5. What person or event have changed your morality?

If follow the main topic you can complete perfect paper. Do not be afraid of revealing personal feelings and experience. This is not a good decision to keep all bad feeling and situations when you can share them with loyal readers. Write about unusual themes like imaginary things.

Creative and Unparalleled Topics

Imagination is a great tool for performing unique narrative essays. There are many things to imagine of dealing with or practicing together with long-term personal desires.


  1. Where would you go if you have a time machine?
  2. What animal would you like to be if you could choose?
  3. Imagine you were a famous book or movie character ever described on TV or books’ pages, who would it be?
  4. If you were a superhero from popular TV series or comic books, what powers would you want to have and why?
  5. If you were rich, how would you spend money?

You choose what narrative essay topic to pick. Write about the saved puppy, trustworthy friend, summer work, winter vacation, favorite outfit, or about your lost job, rejected feelings and long-months depression. Every theme is worth of describing.

Be free to use online The New York Times and BBC journals to define personal points of view, opinions once telling about important life periods and memorable events. Narrative essay is the best chance to reveal your feelings. It helps to write about fears and worries. Share happy moments with friends, relatives, readers since they may allow other people to be exposed to such great moments.

A good narrative paper is a top way of showing people their feelings, fear, worries, outlooks are important. We all face happy & sad situations. An ability to define them allows becoming artist. You can always order your essay here.