Effective Writing Tips for Synthesis and Literature Essay

Effective Writing Tips for Synthesis and Literature Essay

Synthesis essay writing was always a hard task for students. There are lots of traps for a poor-skilled person in synthesis essay. So, each persona that decides to write synthesis essay must be prepared that it will be a long journey and the result will depend on his opportunity and wish to focus and self-organize. Here you have few useful tips for synthesis essay writing.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

So, it is time for you to write your first synthesis essay. A synthesis essay is the type of paper where you need to synthesize various writing techniques. Actually, it is clear from its name. You should start with the understanding the entire task and your goals. You can always ask your teacher to explain you more deeply the entire task of your synthesis essay.

Besides that, there are lots of different tips online on how to write synthesis essay format. Don’t forget to ask your professor to give you instructions to this very type of paper. You need read them for a couple of times to understand fully. You must know all the details of it and keep them in your mind while writing. You should ask any questions you want because this is very important.

Where to Start

You always have an opportunity to guess what the synthesis essay topic will be. You must just look at your teacher’s preferences. He may think about one topic and talk about it all the time. So, this will be your topic for a reason.

Pick an original topic

It is very important to every author his topic be original and unique. It is not the easiest task, and you must deal with it perfectly. It is good not to have even a nearly similar topic to your classmates. You should have something that can catch their attention.

To do that you can always ask about topics that were picked already. You can always find some other angle of a repeated topic. So just try to transform it in your own way. Go online and find other examples of the same paper and dig deeper into the topic itself.

Research your topic

It is a very important step in your task. Just get an exact number of sources that is expected from you. Just come up with all important questions about your synthesis essay before you start your research. You need to have few sources to make your paper reliable and convincing. You can get them online or in the library. The last ones are the best place to get some unique and interesting information. You can find in libraries’ databases lot of information and materials that will help you.

Here are the points of right-done synthesis essay:

  • Focused. You must write your synthesis essay clearly and understandable. Just stay focused on your task and topic. The main thought, idea, and the point must go right to the reader. There should be no deviation from the original topic, and every argument must be very clear.
  • Organized. Just get prepared for everything. Prepare to work carefully as it is a very important step. Do not try just to write along. Every point from the structure to the paragraphs order should be considered by you.  
    Supported. Get as many facts to support your points as you can. Besides that, for your analyzed text you can include few statements.
  • Lucid.  It is a must for you to have proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Writing Process

You need to have a pencil with you on classes every time you are there. You also need to ask your teacher about some extra paper for you to take notes. It can be your ideas and keywords. Also, you should do the analysis of your paper. Do not be lazy and take notes. 

  • Write down the prompt. This is a must for the prompt that is on the smart board or white board.
  • You need to underline all the key words in the prompt. You should look for words like "analyze," "identify," "define," or "explain."
  • Then, divide your prompt into different parts.

Create a list of your ideas. You can use a structure of some short sentences or even fragments of text. There also should be the keywords with the facts that you want to use. And do not forget to take notes constantly. It is very important. Note every supporting fact for your arguments. Besides that, there should be concluding statements in all of your paragraphs. And, of course, you need to restate your thesis and main point in the conclusion paragraph.

Synthesis Essay Format

Just do not be shy to ask librarians for help. If you are looking for the information online, you should be sure your online sources are reputable. Please, double check the information you gather to make your paper strong. You can find interesting facts on various scholarly journals and government agency websites. You should do the research with expert sources only. Just try to avoid forums and other suspicious sources.

Create an outline

It is very important part of your preparing step. This is the way to visualize your work and to understand it more deeply. You can make it as a list, ideas notes, concept maps or even web. You should begin with your thesis and then add few main ideas. You should explore all these points in your synthesis essay fully.

Write your first draft

First, you can start right with your introduction. You should state your thesis statement here with hooking the reader to follow further. Your goal here is to get the reader to read the whole essay. In the body paragraphs, you should state your evidence and follow your outline correctly. And don’t forget to support your facts by the evidence from your research. And in the end, there should be the conclusion. Here you will restate your thesis again and give your final ideas about the topic.

Improve your final draft

Editing and proofreading are very important for any paper writing type. When you are sure and satisfied with your synthesis essay, you should check it for mistakes and errors like grammar or other ones. Try to read your essay aloud to yourself or someone else. It will help you to identify some doubtful moments and a weak point in your paper.

Some typical AP English essay questions

  • In this task, you need to analyze a poem by George Gascoigne, the sixteenth-century English poet. To write an essay, you should be very careful with the analysis. Make the analysis of the speaker’s complex attitude and its development. Analyze by form, diction, and imagery.
  • You must analyze the fragment from a novel The Known World by Edward P. Jones. Your task is to analyze the character of Moses and how the author reveals it.

Various Literature Essays Tips

Synthesis article would be a perfect basis for your literature essay writing. First of all, you should understand that the bold criticism here is not the thing you need and should follow. You are not a critic while doing your literature essay, especially, if it is to some iconic novel or poem. Follow your topic, and everything will be alright.

  • Novel Essay

While doing your literature essay about the novel you should be focused on the plot and the style of writing. Characters and the theme for the novel are very important too. Your essay order will depend on few points that are very important for the success. And the first point is the question of our essay. You should be serious about it and follow very strictly.

  • Drama Essay

In your literature essay about the drama, you will need to deal with the characters and the technique of writing first. Besides that, it is very important to analyze the main theme and topic of the drama you are working with. 

  • Poetry Essay

When you are dealing with the poetry for your literature essay, you will have to be focused on the style of writing. The technique is also very important here. Besides of that, your task is to tell about the rhythm, assonance, and the rhyme of course.

Get the plan of your writing and follow it strictly. Tell about the main facts you want to discuss. Get the points on and then support them with the evidence. And what is very important for the literature essay, you should not just re-tell the novel or the poem. Your task is to analyze and use some certain parts to support your points and thoughts.

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