Most Incredible Topics for Your College Application Essay

Most Incredible Topics for Your College Application Essay
Table of Contents
  1. Most Incredible Topics for Your College Application Essay
  2. How to Choose the Right Topic
  3. How not to Сhoose a Topic for College Admissions Essays - Common Mistakes
  4. College Application Essay Help
  5. College Application Essay Tips
  6. General College Application Essay Topics
  7. Personal College Application Topics
  8. Common College Application Essays

Students that have recently finished school are on the crossroad: they now have to make one of important decisions in their lives. They have to choose a specialization to dedicate their lives to, a university they want to study at. A very difficult time for young people.

Once students decide on the university, they should come up with an idea for one or several effective admissions essays that’ll turn out to be real success. The main goal of this college application essay is to persuade the target reader (teachers) that they’re their best choice among thousands of other applicants.

Sounds hard, doesn’t it? But don’t worry: we know how to help you find good ideas on admissions writing.

How to Choose the Right Topic

If you’re looking for advice on how to craft incredible stories admissions board of your college will want to read, then this article is exactly what you need. Before we offer you a long list of possible topics, we want you to learn something. It’s a good idea to share your personal story; we all have our stories, specific backgrounds - that’s what makes each one of us unique.

Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, focus on finding the right words that describe you, your experience, aspirations, dreams about the future career. Mention how the specialization you’re applying for will impact your future profession. There are tons of things one should not do, it’s important to remember them; here they are.

How not to Сhoose a Topic for College Admissions Essays - Common Mistakes

Under no circumstances, you should search for examples of such works online only to copycat the ideas. That’s easier. People over the world share their thoughts on how to write the best application. But there is one important thing not to lose sight of no matter what topic they suggest, their life is different from yours. Before you even get to thinking of following their lead and simply repeating their work, stop - go in a different direction.

It’s their choice. Maybe it worked one time for them, it might not necessarily work for you - do NOT copy someone else’s ideas when writing your applications. Do NOT copy their style because your voice should stand out, be memorable; your application essay will simply get lost. Do NOT forget to read the information provided by your school carefully, preferably twice. The topic might be right there in front of you; read guidelines attentively in order to understand the task clearly.

College Application Essay Help

Сolleges state that an application essay students submit to the board must be original. Their content should be engaging, to the point, as there is no need to engage into empty talks. Teacher doesn’t have much time! A good way of creating an application essay which will matter is in writing some sound thoughts on how your education will help you make a difference in your community, improve the situation in the academic circles or turn you into a better person.

College Application Essay Tips

There are several things to focus on when writing this application essay.

  • Start with prompts, write later.

    Begin your writing journey by studying the given tips, guidance - schools leave comments on what exactly they expect from applicants. No need to guess; just take what is given.

  • Research.

    Depending on your topic, research might be a smart thing to do; your goal is to show your expertise - prove your excellent knowledge of the topic. There are tons of free resources you can use.

  • Plan your text ahead of time.

    Think what you want to talk about, list the ideas; don’t go into details, but list them. You can leave comments or favorite quotes related to the main idea you’ll use in the admission essay. Don’t add too many details. Think of it as of a roadmap in which you just mention the concepts to discuss without actually describing them yet.

  • Create the first draft.

    It starts there: grab a pen and dive into the process. It should not be too hard given that you have the essential information, ideas gathered in one plan; organize your thoughts - put them together on paper. One of the common mistakes students make on this stage is striving to develop a perfect application essay from the beginning. Don’t do that. Be ready to make mistakes because it’s only the draft; you’ll edit and proofread it again.

  • Stick to your tone.

    Nothing can beat your originality; so, don’t try to sound like someone else. Admission officers want to know the real person behind the written text. Be real - humor it up if appropriate or tell a story from a real life; it’s the first time the committee ever heard about you. Let them meet real you, with your dreams and aspirations. Share what you love, what challenges you, why you want to obtain a degree and get a higher education at their college. Keep it simple; answer the questions set by the college in the prompts.

  • Be interesting.

    If you want your target audience to stay interested till the last line, fill your text with amazing facts and support them with bright illustrations. Use your creativity for the task.

  • Explain why this school.

    To reach the highest scores on this test, you have to ensure that all parts of this application are making a good impression about your qualifications. You should point out that you did not just randomly pick the popular college to study at. You took your time and searched for the best option - and this is what makes you a perfect applicant.

  • Proofread. Review. Repeat.

    Finally, you need to check your writing several times before you actually submit it; it’ll take time, be ready to dedicate some time to it. Pay attention to every single detail in your admission essay. Explain each point clearly; don’t repeat yourself. Don’t bore people on the other side to death with long explanations. Use professionals at this stage: their help is priceless. Be it professional online resource, or a company delivering writing services, they know their job. This means they can do wonders to your text; so, use their assistance. If you can get back to proofreading after a day or two, opt for this variant; you need to have some rest; then return and look at your essay with “fresh eyes”.

You should know by now how to write a good piece - here find a list of great topics to cover. They’ll be of much help if you’re having troubles figuring out what to write about or how to convey your thoughts in the best way.

General College Application Essay Topics

  1. What global issue would you want to address in your life? How the knowledge you obtain at a particular school help you with it?
  2. Did you do any community work in the past? Did it help you become a better person or develop useful skills?
  3. Is curiosity your strength? Did it ever help you reach new heights or overcome your fears?
  4. What was the first book you read outside of the classroom?
  5. What is more important - intellectual abilities of a person or his emotional maturity?
  6. If you could go anywhere you want, what place would you choose as a final destination and why?
  7. What impact did your parents have on you when you was a child; Talk about both positive and negative impact.
  8. Is higher education essential for people willing to run their own business?
  9. What led you to choose this major? Who or what inspired you for it?
  10. What your traits or background make you stand out?
  11. Are there any reasons you think you’ll be successful as a student of this particular university?
  12. Was there a certain place of employment you truly enjoyed working at?
  13. Describe one person you admire in the present.
  14. Was there a remarkable challenge in your life you dealt with and gained valuable experience from?
  15. What were the key factors in your college choice?
  16. What motivates you to pursue your dreams? What are these dreams?
  17. Share one piece of wisdom you would like to pass to your grandchildren.
  18. What does a life well-spent look like to you? What goals should a person have?
  19. Do you have a famous person you follow on the news? What is so interesting about him?
  20. Where do you see yourself in a year / 5 years / 10 years?

Personal College Application Topics

  1. When was the first time you realized that higher education is important?
  2. Describe your greatest talents that should be of any interest to the admissions board; explain your choice.
  3. Choose one historical personality you would want to talk to; explain your choice.
  4. How high are your standards in picking people to build relationships with?
  5. How would you enrich college’s community?
  6. How will the education you want to get help you realize your full life potential?
  7. Who was your first-grade teacher; what made her a remarkable person in your life?
  8. How did your family shape your understanding of the world around you?
  9. If you could choose where you want live - a small village or a big city - what would you choose?
  10. If you were a writer, what book would you write first?
  11. Did you ever struggle with an ethical dilemma; how did it impact you?
  12. What activities outside of our class did you like; Why; What was a starting point in making the college choice?
  13. If there is anything unique about your personality our board must know about, please share it with us in a personal essay.
  14. What book would you suggest our students read; What would you want them to focus on?
  15. Share your thoughts on the problems modern students have. How can you help us solve them?
  16. Are there any traditions which you think are making your family original?
  17. If you could have only thing, what would it be? No restrictions.
  18. What do you define your responsibilities as a global citizen?
  19. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Common College Application Essays

  1. Tell a story from your life that reveals your character.
  2. What is your biggest accomplishment you’re proud of?
  3. What event sparked your personal growth?
  4. Do you have a dream that makes you lose track of time when thinking about it?
  5. Why does this major appeal to you?
  6. What campus activities can you help us organize to make our college better?
  7. What are you most passionate about? Describe your passion in full?
  8. If you could give a speech on TED Talks, what would it be about?
  9. What makes you angry? Why do you think that is?
  10. If you could travel in time, what epoch would you go to? Why?

We can go on about possible topics for your college application essays; our readers can easily choose among these above-mentioned ones already.

In the end, we would only want to mention that writing a good essay is absolutely essential. This paper determines whether or not you’ll get into a college of your dream; so, take your time when writing it.

Besides, remember to stick to our rules on proper application composition: they can make this task significantly easier for you.